Our vision for the adults at mtn. church is to live a life devoted to Jesus and one another in love - strengthening and encouraging each other daily.

We desire to meet you where you are...

As disciples of Jesus we are in an ever increasing quest to know and worship Him. This is done primarily through the knowledge of His Word and worshipping Him through a variety of expressions.

mtn. church often worships, and remembers Jesus through communion and studies His Word in different smaller settings such as retreats, camps, backpack trips, rafting and other creative ways. You are welcome to join us on any and all of these gatherings.

The key to understanding our mission is realizing that it doesn't start with us. It starts with understanding God and His heart, plan, and purpose for this world. Only from there can we understand how we as individuals are called to be a part of God’s larger purposes.

Men's Scripture Study

Men's Scripture Study is currently on break. Please check here for upcoming studies.

Check 'News & Events' for Gatherings

Senior Scripture Study

Senior Adults meet approximately every other Wednesday at 7PM, in Medford. For dates, location or questions, please contact us.