For students, the pressure comes from all sides...

... it tells them to compromise. It takes their lives and tries to convince them that they are just preparing for what is to come, and the high school years are seen as practice for real life. The problem is that this isn't practice, this isn't rehearsal — this is it.

Our High School Students are living life now, and we're doing life together.


We connect students with God, with other students, and with leaders that are dedicated to seeing them grow closer to Jesus. Every gathering is focused on Jesus.


Our High Schoolers meet on Thursdays at 6:30PM, at the mtn. annex, located at 235 E. Main St., just a few blocks East of our main campus.

Teens are God's gift to humanity. Endless energy, humor, community-minded and powerful Jesus people. I want to be more like them.


Volunteers show up and work together in their unique role to create an amazing environment for our kids. mtn. Students is totally volunteer-fueled and wouldn't exist without you. Each volunteer has a part to play on our team. Volunteers will have the opportunity to mentor kids, share God's Word, or lead small groups..