George Barna famously quoted, “In a race to a child’s heart, the first one there wins.” In Elemental Kids, we’re honored to share in the task of reaching your child’s heart with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for we truly believe this is “the way” they should go.

Jesus called the children to be near him because children are near to his heart. Tending to and teaching children about Jesus is one of our primary responsibilities as a parent and as a Church.


Each child is greeted by their small group leader and has free time before service starts to play various games explore the class, or enjoy drawing and writing activities.

Small groups, where children gather in their age group, plays a major role in the learning environment at Ekids. We use small group activities to introduce the children to key Bible story words and verses. They also enjoy crafts, and fun games that are interwoven with the days Bible story!

Big Group Teaching is a gathering of K-5th grades for a time of loud, exuberant worship, prayer, and the Bible story that employs slides, props, and the occasional surprise visit from a Bible Character!

The Home Activity Page is a tool we use to extend the children's in-church experience to your home. The page contains the memory verse, a brief description of the days lesson, the scriptures we covered, and an activity for your child.

If you can blow bubbles and love, you're qualified to minister God's grace to the children of mtn. church. Example teaching is the best kind.


Our Goal is to partner with parents in teaching our kids about God’s love, to learn the truths of His Word, and to live them out.

Volunteers show up and work together in their unique role to create an amazing environment for our children. Elemental Kids is totally volunteer fueled and wouldn't exist without you. Volunteers will have the opportunity to play games, lead small groups, or teach foundational Bible studies.